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Hiring in 2023

It’s no secret that attracting and retaining good talent in today’s market is tough.  The last few years has seen unprecedented changes and challenges in the workforce, and these are expected to continue impacting all sectors in the market.  So how do you ensure you are prepared for these challenges?

Best in Class Recruitment Functions

One of the most important factors is embedding an effective and innovative recruitment function that enables you to remain competitive in the market and hire the best available talent.  The historical tried and true practices no longer work, and the need to use creative and human-centered methods are essential. 

When HR Connect is engaged to review and transform Recruitment Functions or processes some of the key fundamental elements we work with our clients on include: 

  • Clearly define and enhance your employer brand

  • Build an interactive and informative career website

  • Focus on Social recruitment

  • Engage with brand advocates

  • Invest in best-in-class Recruitment tools and technology

  • Provide a positive and human-centric candidate experience

  • Build and nurture talent pipelines

  • Use insights and data to inform the Talent Acquisition strategy

Capability, capability, capability – ensure you have the right people with the right skills in your recruitment function

Top Recruitment Trends for 2023

Much like 2022, the recruitment trends for 2023 are focused on new ways of working, automation, and candidate experience.  These trends include: -

  1. Remote Work

  2. Proactive candidate engagement

  3. Use of Recruiting automation

  4. Diversity and Inclusion

  5. Branding

  6. Gen Z entering the workforce

  7. Transformation of Recruiters

  8. Gig work and gig economy


To find out more on these trends, click here https://recruiterflow.com/blog/recruitment-trends/

In 2023 as the workforce challenges continue, organisations must evolve in the way they attract, retain, and think about talent.  Are you ready for the challenges ahead?  Here at HR Connect we work with many businesses providing support in the evolution of their recruitment functions and assistance with their recruitment vacancies!  See how we can help you.  Reach out to Emma Fenwick our General Manager on emma@hrconnect.co.nz

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