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Since 2003 we’ve been helping New Zealand businesses build better teams, improve performance and manage HR compliance.

Our HR Consultants are dynamic ‘people people’. Experienced HR professionals with a good dose of real-world business acumen, leadership, insight into human behavior and an agile style.

Whether you need an extra set of ‘HR hands’ to get through a demanding period, expertise in a niche specialist area of HR, or short-term HR support on a new initiative or important recruitment project, call our team.

Human Resources Services

"We’ve built a reputation throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty for working hard (and smart!) for our clients to deliver tangible results. We’re very proud of that."

Sandra Diekerhof, Director & HR Consultant

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Mental Health Awareness Week- Workplace Wellbeing

This week New Zealand acknowledges Mental Health Awareness - the focus being reimagining wellbeing together, acknowledging that this year has not been an easy one. For businesses it can be hard toRead more

Covid-19, Vaccinations and The Privacy Act

Covid 19, Vaccinations and The Privacy Act 2020 The recent resurgence of COVID 19 in New Zealand and the introduction of the vaccination campaign earlier this year has raised many questions forRead more

Lockdown and obligations re employee payments

Lockdown and Obligations to Employee Payments With seven cases as of 1pm today and the confirmation of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in New Zealand, it is likely we will have a further increase inRead more

Workplace Wellbeing - Where to start?

Wellbeing Programmes Our Health and Safety Consultant Lee Powell, has launched wellbeing programmes with previous employers and current clients. Lee advises that companies: Involve your employeesRead more

Special Edition Newsletter - Workplace Wellbeing

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Newsletter - June 2021

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The Covid-19 Vaccination and your employees

A number of employers are asking questions about how to handle situations where employees choose not to get vaccinated, as well as what is appropriate to ask job applicants about their intendedRead more

Newsletter April 21

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Be prepared … new minimum wage rate coming 1st April 2021

For business owners, or managers who employ team members currently earning less than $20 per hour, the increase to the minimum wage is going to have a direct impact on your business. This may bringRead more

Covid-19 Resurgence - Looking after your business and your employees

There is so much information out there at the moment for employers managing their employees during the resurgence of Covid-19 in New Zealand, to make things easier for you, here is a summary of the kRead more

Newsletter January 2021

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All "Onboard"!

Onboarding (noun) "The process of  ensuring a new employee or customer becomes familiar with an organisation or its products and services." Oxford Dictionary.Read more

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