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Since 2003 we’ve been helping New Zealand businesses build better teams, improve performance and manage HR compliance.

Our HR Specialists are dynamic ‘people people’. Experienced HR professionals with a good dose of real-world business acumen, leadership, insight into human behavior and an agile style.

Whether you need an extra set of ‘HR hands’ to get through a demanding period, expertise in a niche specialist area of HR, or short-term HR support on a new initiative or important recruitment project, call our team.

Celebrating 20 years

We are excited to celebrate 20 years of supporting clients in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions.

Human Resource Services

"We’ve built a reputation throughout the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland for working hard (and smart!) for our clients to deliver tangible results. We’re very proud of that."

Sandra Diekerhof, Managing Director

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Change Management and Outplacement Support

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The Fair Pay Agreement

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Medical Incapacity

When researching for this blog on the process of working through a Medical Incapacity situation, I originally thought a flowchart would be a good way to explain the process - everyone loves a flowRead more

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