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HR Consultancy & Projects

We believe that every business deserves to have access to affordable, quality HR services. By engaging one of our HR Consultants you can access just what you need, when you need it.


Sometimes in business you simply need a sounding board from the outside. We can be your independent, trusted advisors - whether the advice you need relates to recruitment, performance issues, conflict in the workplace, change management etc.

Our advice as HR Consultants is always professional, confidential and we have your business interests and growth at heart. Plus our team is practical and pragmatic, offering solutions for the real world.

Performance Management

Performance management covers a large gambit - from developing your star performers, through to managing poor performance and disciplinary issues. We can assist you through:

  • Reviewing your current performance management systems - including succession planning, your performance review process, your poor performance and disciplinary processes, setting performance expectations with staff and how to give change-making feedback on those expectations
  • Workshops to up-skill the leaders in your business
  • Identifying your major staff assets and creating retention and succession strategies to future proof key roles and the people in them.

Coaching & Training

Our HR Consultants can provide the following:

  • Programmes designed to lift capability, tailor-made for your business and your strategic goals. They may include coaching, mentoring and training
  • One-on-one coaching for individuals, including tools to identify their unique strengths and development needs to grow their confidence and leadership capabilities
  • Formulation of career development plans for specific team members
  • Workshops that are designed and delivered by our team to meet your business goal. Workshops can be facilitated by our team, or co-facilitated by you
  • Skills matrix development to assist with training knowledge and identify gaps.

Reviewing Employment Agreements

We offer either a full or partial service in terms of reviewing current employment agreements.

Change Management (Restructure)

To meet changes in your business, you may need to structure your team in a different way. Whether this is ramping up with more team members, downsizing or changing roles to changing business requirements, our HR Consultants can develop and facilitate these processes. We ensure that the process is robust, thorough and that the outcomes meet your needs.

HR Audits

Does everything you do comply with the latest legislation? Are there areas of employee performance and staff satisfaction where other employers are streaks ahead? What HR changes could make the biggest difference to your business?

An HR Audit will tell you where your business 'is at' in terms of your current HR systems, processes and compliance.

Businesses that are experiencing a growth phase have an increased need for HR assistance, including setting up HR systems and processes that will support that growth.

Procedures & Processes

Does the thought of creating an HR procedure or policy leave you less than excited? Let us take the stress out of creating or overhauling your HR procedures and policies.

We assist with HR documentation - HR manuals, annual performance review documents and processes, position descriptions, composition of letters, policies, house rules etc.

We'll support you through the process of introducing something 'new'. For example revitalising your performance review process - this could involve designing an improved review process that fits your needs, training and coaching for your managers, workshops to get your staff on board, and of course, follow up to ensure the new process is bringing you results.

If you'd like to know more about how we can work with you please contact us.

"Three years ago I contacted HR Connect because I realised that we needed some help with talent issues but couldn't justify hiring a fulltime HR Manager.  I had been recommended HR Connect as a solution and am happy today to also be a referee for them. 

The contract started with an audit of our systems and has extended to creating policies, procedures manuals, consistency in use of employment agreements, recruitment training, development of remuneration strategies, assistance with disciplinaries and being actively involved in our annual engagement survey. 

We often refer to our people as our most important asset but we haven't done the best job of looking after that asset.  HR Connect work alongside us ensuring we provide far greater attention and care to all of our talent and our business is better for it.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their HR function."

Alan Morpeth, Managing Director, Health 2000 Group


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