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On-Site HR Support

You won't find us in our offices - you'll find us in yours.

Keeping up with the increasing demands of your people processes and management can be hugely time consuming, and at times stressful.

Since 2003 our HR Specialists have been working inside our clients businesses, right alongside their teams. We make a point of really getting to know your business - the market you operate in, your products/services, your business goals and more. We see ourselves as a partner helping you grow your business through its key asset - the people.

We're known for quickly getting to the heart of the matter, identifying which HR practices would make the biggest difference to your business, then getting on with implementing them. Our focus is your results.

More resource for your in house team

While you (or your in house HR team) are busy with the day-to-day details and firefighting, the more strategic, and very important, HR functions can often get side-lined. We are able to be your extra pair of HR hands, either working on your business as usual activities or one-off projects.

Outsourced HR expertise

When you know that solid HR practices and support are key to the success of your business, but the time isn't right for you to hire a permanent HR Manager, bringing one of our specialists on board helps fill the need. If the time arises when it is right to hire a permanent HR resource, we can help through the recruitment process and onboarding of that individual setting them up for success.

Our HR specialists can work on site at your business providing:

Retention & Remuneration strategies - we can design remuneration systems, development and mentoring plans, new processes and better reviews to motivate and retain your best employees.

Procedures & Processes - we can design performance review systems that are tailored to your specific business requirements, train your managers how to confidently undertake best practice review and support the process.

Recruitment & Candidate Selection

Review existing employment agreements or prepare new ones

HR Support and Advice - supporting you manage difficult employment situations and grow your confidence with HR management.

Performance Management

Coaching & Training - developing your leaders, supervisors and managers to get the best our of the team and maintain full productivity.

Legal Compliance - ensuring your HR practices comply with employment and other relevant laws.

We can reduce your operating expenses, cut resignation risk and increase employee productivity across your business.

If you'd like to know more about how we can work with you please contact us.

"We decided to bring on board HR Connect to assist in developing our strategy and policies as our company was growing quickly and across multiple locations.

We have utilised HR Connect’s wide variety of skills and experience in their team to assist us in multiple successful recruitments across various departments and locations in New Zealand, develop policies and templates including recruitment, induction processes and remuneration as well as provide a sounding board for situations we as a company have not faced before in the Human Resource area.

We would highly recommend HR Connect for companies experiencing growth yet not ready to commit to a full time HR professional. We have a strong partnership with HR Connect that we value highly."

Amber Grant, EA to Leadership Team, CUBRO


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