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Culture & Engagement

Workplace Culture

Put simply, workplace culture is “the way we do things around here” – the group behaviours, beliefs and values of an organisation and the people within it, that have evolved over time.

Your workplace culture often dictates how engaged your employees are, how enjoyable they find your business environment, how satisfied they are in their role.

Businesses with a great workplace culture enjoy high performing teams and motivated staff. They are able to attract, motivate and retain the best people and can adapt to a changing market much more readily.

Unfortunately, business owners are often too close to ‘the coal face’ to have an accurate view of the whole picture. Our HR Specialists can give you a true and full assessment of your current workplace culture, identify ways to improve it and then help you do just that.

Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys measure the true attitudes and opinions of your staff, how satisfied and engaged they are with your company. Engaged employees are invested in your business’ success, and give you the full complement of their energies. Employees who are not engaged are less productive, more likely to resign, and have attitudes that can rub off on other team members.

Our HR Specialists can:

  • Undertake a tailored survey – training, scene setting, independent assessment, collation, administration and reporting of information.
  • Outline key findings, recommend strategies and programmes to lift engagement in your organisation and help you to deliver these. This could take the form of focus groups, planning sessions, and/or guidance and training.
  • Measure year-on-year movement and progress

Team Development

Individual contributors make up teams; the trick is to get everyone on the same page, understanding and driving together toward the same end goal, whilst harnessing the strengths and preferences of each person.

Our HR Specialists can assess the health of your teams and assist with ways to improve team performance and results, by:

  • Taking a closer look at the current dynamics and cohesion of your team – will the team, as it is today, deliver the results you need?
  • Working with the team to meet their individual goals and the common goals of the team
  • Discussing and agreeing interventions in the form of workshops, coaching, tools and techniques to lift performance
  • Measuring, monitoring and supporting development along the way

Conflict Resolution

It’s a fact of life that conflict arises in the workplace, but if not properly addressed, a small difficulty can develop into something deeper and can potentially be quite costly – causing deep employment relationship problems, staff dissatisfaction, de-motivation and loss of productivity.

Our HR Specialists can offer:

  • Independent review of the conflict; working with affected parties to gain common understanding of the issue and working with you to apply the best resolution
  • An overview of legal and contractual obligations and best practice process
  • Support and balanced advice, with a focus on a win/win outcome. We will also help you in managing the outcome you want

Personality Profiling

For managers to get the best out of a team member, they should understand his or her preferred style of working, how they best learn new things and how they are likely to behave when the pressure in on. Personality profiling gives you all this information and more.

Our HR Specialists can:

  • Undertake personality profiling which looks at preferences, personal style and the role an individual may take in a team setting
  • Help you to understand differences, similarities, benefits and dangers of working with each team member within the team
  • Help you leverage off strengths and development areas in the team

If you'd like to know more about how we can work with you please contact us.

"HR Connect was recommended to Seeka several years ago and they have provided specialist HR knowledge alongside our People and Capability Team.

As well as recruitment, policy development and coaching of Senior leaders, HR Connect facilitate our employee engagement surveys.  The engagement survey is lead by the HR Connect team supported by the Seeka P&C team.  HR Connect leading this process means that not only do we get the survey results, but insights are also provided as well as a technical HR perspective on what our next steps could be which is used to inform our P&C strategy.  And although HR Connect lead this process the capability of their consulting team means that ownership of the programme of work remains with the Seeka P&C team. 

I would not hesitate to recommend the HR Connect team to any organisation that is wanting to understand the culture and engagement across their organisation."

Kate Bryant, General Manager Corporate Services, Seeka


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