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Workplace Wellbeing - Where to start?

Wellbeing Programmes

Our Health and Safety Consultant Lee Powell, has launched wellbeing programmes with previous employers and current clients. Lee advises that companies:

Involve your employees from the start, with a survey, a committee or focus groups. Get employees to tell you what they want, NOT what you think they want. A quick online or paper survey could do the job.

Having a naming competition is fun and gets people engaged, I have also done logo competitions too, we had some great entries! A familiar name and logo alerts workers when information is related to their wellbeing.

Consider launching with a competition- lots of people have fitness trackers or can track steps on their phones- consider running a 10,000 steps challenge to get employees to think about how much they are moving.

Make sure the wellbeing programme, and its benefits are accessible and relevant for all your workers- especially remote employees and other branches.

Quick and Easy Wellbeing Wins:

  • Flu vaccinations
  • Fruit in lunch rooms
  • Smoothie makers
  • Seminars or YouTube clips like this one 23 and a 1/2 hours
  • A company social club and activities - getting people together
  • Wellbeing Newsletters
  • Activity challenges (using fitness trackers or just honesty)
  • Discounts to local gyms
  • Discounted health insurance
  • Access to employee assistance programmes


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