P: 0800 131 557

Josie Keucke

Senior HR Specialist

Over the years working as both a Consultant and within businesses in senior People and Culture roles, Josie has experience across the full breadth of people functions; at both a strategic and tactical level.  Her experience includes human resource planning and reporting, employment relations, change management, wellbeing, communication, and payroll.  

Josie is experienced in organisational design with a people-centric approach, setting strategies and operational direction to deliver on the company’s objectives, while ensuring the values, beliefs, and ethos of the organisation are upheld and 'alive'.

Josie takes a pragmatic approach to achieving compliance ensuring processes, systems, and practices are designed in a way that are not simply ‘ticking the box’ but also adding value to the organisation and stakeholders.

In addition to consultancy work, Josie volunteers in governance and committee positions supporting organisations in their People and Culture space.


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